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Recording time has never been faster. Add a task and click, it's that simple. The Start/Stop button is always by your side.

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Dynamic Icons, multiple Groups

If it’s spinning you must be working. This way you will always know when the clock is ticking. You can also have as many workspaces as you like.

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Handy stylish timeline

If your are more into clicking and scrolling this is definitely for you. Use your mouse to add or change working hours on the timeline.

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Current group activity

See who is working on what in real time. Check the latest tasks that were worked on.

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Sleek calendar

Know your efficiency at any given moment. Calendar visualizes total time working per day and number of tasks you have been working on. Simply add, edit or delete times spent on a task.

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Statistics on the fly

Check your or your group mates' times instantly. You can also print data directly or export to XLS file.

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  • No worries for backup

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